Oneness is a worldwide spiritual phenomenon helping people attain higher states of consciousness.  There are now over 1.9million people worldwide from all religions and cultures who have shifted into permanent Awakening and are now experiencing freedom from the overactive, conflicted mind.  These people are no longer trapped by the thoughts, emotions, and concepts that limited their previous reality.


The journey into higher states of consciousness and permanent awakening is initiated by the Oneness Blessing.  The Oneness Blessing is also known as Deeksha.  It is an energy transfer that begins a positive neurobiological shift in the brain.  This results in reducing stress levels and intensifying the levels of love, joy and awareness.  Millions across the glove testify to the calming of the mind, flowering of the heart, and awakening effects of the Oneness Blessing or Deeksha.  It is gaining recognition as one of the easiest and most effective approaches to enriching human consciousness.