Linda attributes her initial awakening to the Oneness Awakening Course and the cummuative effect of the Oneness Blessing, otherwise known as Deeksha. (Please watch video on the About Tab of this Site)


Her two trips to the Oneness University in India were truly life transformational. She is forever grateful for the role the Georgia Oneness community and the Oneness phenomenon played on her journey and for being graced with awakening.


Linda continues to support the Oneness community.  Although she highly recommends its offerings, as it contributes a deep spiritual element to the process of awakening,  Higher Brain Living® avails consistent, predictable results not otherwise available. Higher Brain Living and Source Code Meditation provide a strategy and tools with to navigate the world from the higher states of consciousness awakening avails.


Awakening is the first step off a three step process necessary for one is to improve, not only their own lives, but the lives of those around them and for the greater good of all.


One must  “WAKE UP”  to  “GROW UP”  to  “SHOW UP”.


That is her desire for all who embark on the journey of personal and spiritual transformation.

When a Significant number of us embark on the journey of Waking Up, Growing Up and Showing Up, together we’ll have co-created an unrecognizable world of    ……   Peace, Joy, and Abundance!!


With Gratitude, Always,

Linda Pitsoulis